About us

Powerful identities

Labels By Andres owes its unique position in the fashion world not just to its practical advantages. The unique identities of our three brands - Xandres, Xandres Gold and Xandres Studio - also play an essential role. All three brands have an identity that doesn’t depend on radical or fleeting fashion trends. High quality and contemporary style are the keywords. The brands embody a belief in the values of respect, subtle sensuality and a no-nonsense approach.

Impeccable quality

The reputation and impeccable quality of Labels By Andres are built upon three basic principles: the right fit, comfort and aesthetics. The technologically advanced production is outsourced to reliable foreign quality suppliers for comprehensive control and quality. Distribution is taken care of by a select group of external shipping agents so that we can guarantee exact delivery dates and fast and efficient order processing. Transport on hangers guarantees that all of our products are delivered in the very best condition. Deliveries are spread over time so that the selection in stores is renewed constantly. Flash collections are also possible.

Labels By Andres is driven by:

People & Happiness
The success of our organisation is determined by our team of employees.
They shape our products, concepts and service day-by-day.

Passion & Fashion
What consumers want is of decisive influence on what we do.

Focus & Success
Our aims are results, success, growth and profit.